Caleb Horton
Caleb Horton - Owner Operator

Meet Caleb Horton

With over 17 years experience of South GA Dog Training, Caleb Horton has proven himself as an all-around expert dog trainer.  Caleb was born and raised in South Georgia; bird hunting and dog training have been a pillar in Caleb's life as an outdoors sportsman. Caleb started off his dog training career, in 2005 at Easterlee Plantation, where Caleb was introduced to dog training by the champion dog handler, Ricky Furney.  For several years, Caleb trained under the guidance of Mr. Furney, where he gained experience with bird dogs, horses, and land management.  In 2009, Caleb transferred to Wynfield Plantation, located just outside Albany, GA, to pursue a career as an Orvis endorsed dog trainer and guide while completing his BS degree in History.  Once graduating from Georgia Southwestern University with a Bachelors in History, Caleb took a job offer with Southpoint Plantation, managing their hunting land and dog kennels.  Since his inception in 2005, Caleb has broken hundreds of bird dogs (Pointers, Shorthairs, & Spaniels), and has over 15 years of experience working with Labradors, Retrievers, and many other breeds.  During this time, Caleb has also been involved with K2 Solutions, a canine training center located in North Carolina, where he learned to train and imprint bomb detection dogs for use in Afghanistan.  In addition to training hunting dogs and bomb detection dogs, Caleb also trains any breed of dog in obedience, behavior modification, and imprinting processes.  In addition to dog training, Caleb also raises a few special dogs each year in his own home.  These dogs are raised to Finished Dogs and will be sold once they are proficient in every skill.  You and your dog are welcome to join us at our new dog training facilities to see what it takes to create a champion!  Results are guaranteed!!