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Southern Tradition Kennels
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 by Debra Brookner
Five stars

LOVE these people. I had my rescue lab trained here almost

3 years ago. I still board her here when I’m out of town.

You could not ask for a better training facility anywhere.

 by Paul fritsch

Ella is a Brittany with 1/4 French lines. She is smart and sweet. This is our second Brittany so we know the characteristics. Ella knew what we wanted her to do but she wanted to do it her own way more. We tried local obedience trainer and made some progress but insufficient. We were struggling and knew we needed professional help to get her to come on command and get her started in the field. Fortunately we found Caleb. He took her in this season and encouraged us to visit monthly. He also gave us weekly reports on her progress. She was clearly coming along well and by the time she got past obedience and in the field she was a different dog. Josh did a lot of the hunt training and both Caleb and Josh are kind , patient and firm. She was responding well. When we got her home after 12 weeks she was totally responsive to all commands. The collar is a reminder but rarely requires more than a tone. She comes in command EVERYTiME. Her spirit is still cheerful and sweet. A firm No is all it takes to correct. She is a pleasure. Her first hunt was yesterday at SSJ Farm in Hilliard. 10 bird 5 station hunt first 3 stations went like clockwork 6 birds up, 6 birds down. Ella showed her skills and training. Hold on point, steady to wing and shot. Found dead birds but did not lunge to recover. She showed me everything I needed to know. Station 4 position error on my part. Free blocked shot. We skipped last station due to heat. All in all I could not be more pleased. Caleb and Josh are honest, patient, firm and kind. You will be amazed at the progress. You cannot choose better than Southern Tradition Kennels.

 by Griffin Fenn

I sent my Lab to STK in hopes that she would make a nice gun dog. I am an avid waterfowl and dove hunter, so having a good retriever is very important to me. After talking with Caleb, I knew STK was where I wanted to send Goose for training. One of Caleb's employees, Josh, was Goose's primary trainer. He taught her everything from basic obedience, force-fetch, and casting. One of my favorite things about STK is that they are honest with you about how your dog is progressing. Josh always kept me up to date on Goose's training, and he made sure to tell me the things she was doing good with and the things that she was not handling so well. I loved how they kept me up to date and how they were honest about everything going on.

Goose stayed at STK for 6 months total. While she was there, she was well taken care of. Every time I would go see her, she looked and acted healthy. They have nice facilities for the dogs to stay in and they feed extremely high-quality feed, which is a confidence booster for keeping your pet safe and healthy while they are staying at training. They take great care of all of the dogs and treat them all very well. Goose still gets very excited when she sees Josh!

This is not my first rodeo dealing with dog trainers. I have had sub-par experiences more than once, and this is definitely not one of those times. Caleb has a great kennel, and he and his employees work hard to reach the expectations that you have for your pet.

 by Michael

Took my 4mo English Cocker pup down to Caleb and co. for gundog training while we moved cities. 4 months later, I picked him up and went straight to North Dakota. Finn hit the ground running and had a blast as well. Fetch, retrieve, and pattern was tight, and he was a dream to have in the house. He even ran down several crippled birds and brought them to hand. 10/10 and I'll be sending him back in a few years when he inevitably needs a tune up.

 by Lisa
The listening Spaniel

Our two year old field spaniel Henry is now a joy and delight because of training at STK. He walks on or off the leash and is easy to recall even from a distance on our farm walks. Henry is still a lovable happy go lucky dog as spaniels tend to be but now he is also a respectful member of the family and takes his cues from the humans! Even the little ones in our family. Thank you!

 by Rob Patterson

I tried training my wild Chocolate Lab and eventually tapped out. I contacted Caleb and dropped Gus off for on and off leash training. Gus was a stubborn wild child doing only what Gus wanted to do. Caleb was able to redirect his energy in a positive way. I thoroughly enjoy walking and running with Gus these days. He no longer pulls me on walks and is very good at obey commands. The work Caleb was able to do with Gus was nothing short of a small miracle! Caleb provided ample one on one training with me and Gus to ensure we both understood what was needed for both of us (Gus and I) to be successful. Very highly recommend for any type of dog you have!

 by Charlene Milling

My German Shepherd Bogie just finished his training with Caleb. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. Caleb, his wife Ashleigh, and his staff are amazing. I received updates on his progress and one on one instruction by Caleb with Bogie. He even did a follow up session to help my mother with him since she helps me care for Bogie when I’m at work. Bogie was well fed and cared for while he was there. I highly recommend them!

 by Teddy and Shannon Waller
Nipsey Fussel

Nispey is a Heeler/Bulldog mix. He was found dumped under a bridge. We had just lost our Dachshund and when we saw this little tri colored spotted dog on Facebook, we rescued him. He really rescued us. He grew in the next few months to be big and clumsy and out of control! We found Southern Tradition Kennels online and gave Caleb a call. We were impressed with the price and we set it up. We just picked him up yesterday, and he is a totally different dog! He listens and obeys. We couldn't be happier with the progress he has made in one short month. Thank you so much for making our lives easier! We plan to work with him every day and reinforce the good behaviors he has learned.

 by Debra Brookner
Outstanding Training Facility

Absolutely wonderful experience with help with my rescue dog. She is a totally different dog. Can’t say enough positive things about Caleb and his staff.

 by Christopher Howe
Lucy and Beau

After a successful training of our Brittany, Lucy, last year, we went back to have her half-brother Beau trained. We were able to rescue Beau after he failed out of Field Trial school. He was a mess! After his first year of little human socialization and living in a pack he had few skills. He was stubborn and submissive (head always down) and needed some intense therapy and training. Caleb and Noah did a wonderful job creating confidence and structure as well as basic skills for a safe life. Beau has been home just a few days now but is listening well, responding to commands, and appears very happy. We are very pleased that both of our Brittany's have this wonderful foundation! Thanks guys!

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