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by Talley Collins on Southern Tradition Kennels
He saved our dog.

We are so beyond happy and blessed to have found Caleb when we did. We had taken our dog Ruger to another trainer and he wasn't trained properly and he was scared of everything when we got him home! Caleb knew what was wrong the moment he saw him run and said it would take time but he can help. So in just 3 short months Caleb was able to pretty much retrain him and show him he doesn't have to be scared anymore, because he won't be punished. He takes the time to not only train the dog, but train you and make sure you are comfortable with everything! He spoiled my sweet boy while I wasn't there too and that makes me feel even better! We just got Ruger back yesterday and he's my sweet crazy boy wagging his tail all over the place again! That is exactly why I will use his service again for another dog in the future!

by Jesse Williams on Southern Tradition Kennels
Obedience Training

We took Bell, our 8 month old crazy Black Mouth Cur, to Caleb. She was very wild and out of control. Caleb was able to work with her and teach her on leash obedience so that we were able to manage Bell. After spending a month at Caleb's kennels, Bell is doing much better. We are now able to take her around other people with out her jumping all over them and chewing at their ankles. Would definitely recommend!

by shayne sapp on Southern Tradition Kennels
Follow Up

This is just a follow up. I posted a review right after I got Kate back from Caleb stating that she did great on her first dove hunt.I am so glad I sent her to Caleb. She/We had a good season. Not about killing, but memories. Just seeing my dog bringing me back a big Greenhead and Speck in Arkansas. There aint nothing better.What he did was install manners in Kate. She was 14 months on Arkansas trip. A couple of the guides said she was doing great for her age. They wanted to know who trained her. To me that says something!

by Britt Cawley on Southern Tradition Kennels

Southern Traditions kennel obedience training surpassed my families expectations. We dropped off a 5 month old tornado of a doberman puppy and when we returned a month later we received a mild mannered family member. The staff at southern traditions are family and they treat the dogs the same way. My dog loved them. We went back for a visit and she did not want to leave. The staff is very honest, direct, and upfront. Whatever kind of training you need they will provide for you. Thanks so much STK.

by shayne sapp on Southern Tradition Kennels

Hi! I am Shayne Sapp from Millen, Ga. My wife gave me a English Lab puppy for X-mas 2015. This English Lab is out of a Show Kennel. I love to hunt , so I wanted to get her trained to be a Gun Dog. I talked to 7 different Trainers about training Kate to be a gundog. At 7 months old I finally decided on Caleb Horton. Caleb was very Honest and patient. Kate enter the 3 month program. I could talk to Caleb whenever I needed and he would let me know the progress (good or bad). I just got Kate back on September 3, 2016. She is doing Great. She knows who I am and responds to my commands and she is a happy dog. I am not one to sugar coat. I call a spade a spade. I took Kate on her first dove hunt on September 10, 2016 and I killed 15 doves (limit) and she retrieved everyone and delivered to hand. She is Ecollar conditioned, but I did not put the Ecollar on her for the shoot. I didn't need it. She is 10 months old. On that shoot there were some guys with dogs that had been with other Trainers and they were Sporting Ecollars. Don't get me wrong I have an Ecollar, but I didn't need it.I am very satisfied with the outcome of Kate.I would Highly recommend Caleb Horton to train my Gun Dog!

Talented Trainer

Caleb was first and foremost, direct and straight to the point. Provided the service required for my pup's obedience, and event went above and beyond in sharing advanced dog knowledge to the "average Joe". Professional and experienced!


Caleb did a great job force breaking Harriett for me. She was very sloppy before hand and he really tightened it up. She now retrieves perfectly to hand. He also helped me with an issue with Harriett where she was feeling too much pressure. She is now a Grand Champion of the Field and I really appreciate Caleb's help reaching this goal.