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Southern Tradition Kennels
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 by Rob Patterson

I tried training my wild Chocolate Lab and eventually tapped out. I contacted Caleb and dropped Gus off for on and off leash training. Gus was a stubborn wild child doing only what Gus wanted to do. Caleb was able to redirect his energy in a positive way. I thoroughly enjoy walking and running with Gus these days. He no longer pulls me on walks and is very good at obey commands. The work Caleb was able to do with Gus was nothing short of a small miracle! Caleb provided ample one on one training with me and Gus to ensure we both understood what was needed for both of us (Gus and I) to be successful. Very highly recommend for any type of dog you have!

 by Charlene Milling

My German Shepherd Bogie just finished his training with Caleb. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. Caleb, his wife Ashleigh, and his staff are amazing. I received updates on his progress and one on one instruction by Caleb with Bogie. He even did a follow up session to help my mother with him since she helps me care for Bogie when I’m at work. Bogie was well fed and cared for while he was there. I highly recommend them!

 by Teddy and Shannon Waller
Nipsey Fussel

Nispey is a Heeler/Bulldog mix. He was found dumped under a bridge. We had just lost our Dachshund and when we saw this little tri colored spotted dog on Facebook, we rescued him. He really rescued us. He grew in the next few months to be big and clumsy and out of control! We found Southern Tradition Kennels online and gave Caleb a call. We were impressed with the price and we set it up. We just picked him up yesterday, and he is a totally different dog! He listens and obeys. We couldn't be happier with the progress he has made in one short month. Thank you so much for making our lives easier! We plan to work with him every day and reinforce the good behaviors he has learned.

 by Debra Brookner
Outstanding Training Facility

Absolutely wonderful experience with help with my rescue dog. She is a totally different dog. Can’t say enough positive things about Caleb and his staff.

 by Christopher Howe
Lucy and Beau

After a successful training of our Brittany, Lucy, last year, we went back to have her half-brother Beau trained. We were able to rescue Beau after he failed out of Field Trial school. He was a mess! After his first year of little human socialization and living in a pack he had few skills. He was stubborn and submissive (head always down) and needed some intense therapy and training. Caleb and Noah did a wonderful job creating confidence and structure as well as basic skills for a safe life. Beau has been home just a few days now but is listening well, responding to commands, and appears very happy. We are very pleased that both of our Brittany's have this wonderful foundation! Thanks guys!

 by Mei Zhao
Best trainer I know!

I just picked up Abby from Caleb today and I am so impressed and happy with the results! I did not have time for Abby due to work and my masters. I got Abby as a early birthday gift from my boyfriend and I thought she would be easy to train since I have another cavalier and I trained him on my own but oh man was I wrong! We got her from another owner and she picked up on so many bad habits so there was so much skeletons in the closet that I did not know how to deal with it and it got overwhelming to me. I thought with my other well behaved dog as a role model she would get it but she did not. She was terrified of the leash, did not know what it was and would scream every time I put it on her even with treats. She would just stay in one spot and yell. She had no knowledge of any commands and since her old owner would just leave her all day in a crate with a pee pad, she was not housebroken at all. I needed help and I searched and I found Caleb. He works with his brother and reading all the good reviews I knew this was it, he was the one I could trust with my dog and have results. So I left Abby with him for a month, getting updates from him through texts and when I picked her up today, it was everything I expected and more! Abby on a leash is like second nature now, she knows all the commands that I wanted her to know like sit, stay, heel and lay down. I was so amazed of her progress and how far she has come from the girl who was terrified of the leash like a monster was on her neck to not sitting at all to now staying in the same spot as I walk around her and not moving one bit. I’m so happy with the results! Caleb and his brother has the patience, love and heart to work with dogs. They took care of Abby, gave her medication when she was not feeling well and bathed her. He said I can always contact him for advice which is more than what you could ask for. Future pups that I cannot handle will definitely go to Caleb and his brother! Highly recommend A++++

 by Russ and Pat Mosher
Training Roxie

We were desperately needing help with our 1 year old Miniature Golden Doodle. We called Southern Tradition Kennels and spoke with Caleb. Roxie could not be put on a leash, come in from backyard when called and would not go my husband. Caleb promised he could fix all of her issues and in 6 weeks he kept his word. We are so excited over our Roxie and her behavior now. Thank you Caleb and Noah for giving us the help we desperately needed with Roxie.

 by Beverly Huffman
Exceeded all Expectations

My pup Lexi (English Shepherd) started with Caleb at 8 weeks because with a full-time job I wasn't able to run home every few hours to house train her. Along with the house training Lexi got a lot of love and learned good manners from an early age. Every Friday when I picked her up she was happy to see me, and when I dropped her off on Sunday night she was happy to see him and his family.

When I found Caleb I told him I wanted a dog that was fun, energetic and a great companion. I wanted to be able to take her anywhere, around anyone, other dogs and other animals. I wanted a hiking buddy that could be off leash and trusted around children. I wanted a dog with spirit, not one that obeyed because they were afraid.

We continued working with Caleb off and on and before Lexi was a year old she was everything I hoped and prayed for. I could not have done this on my own. Caleb understand dogs, and people... and trains both. 🙂

Lexi is now 16 months old and we competed in our first AKC Rally Obedience trials last week. All the other dogs were at least 2 years old and those were handled by professional trainers. Lexi earned her Novice Title, Canine Good Citizen and Canine Good Citizen Advanced certifications. It was amazing!

And Lexi has all the spirit, energy and fun she was born with. In fact, she ran the "FastCat" 100 yard dash in just over 8.5 seconds - that's 23.7 mph. When I texted Caleb he responded "Holy smokes! I'm glad I taught you to come when called!"... Me too Caleb!

I recommend Caleb to anyone looking for a trainer from puppies to adult dogs. I've seen him work with all kinds of issues and toward a variety of goals. It's amazing to see. Lexi and I are blessed to have him, Noah and the Horton family in our lives!

 by Talley Collins
He saved our dog.

We are so beyond happy and blessed to have found Caleb when we did. We had taken our dog Ruger to another trainer and he wasn't trained properly and he was scared of everything when we got him home! Caleb knew what was wrong the moment he saw him run and said it would take time but he can help. So in just 3 short months Caleb was able to pretty much retrain him and show him he doesn't have to be scared anymore, because he won't be punished. He takes the time to not only train the dog, but train you and make sure you are comfortable with everything! He spoiled my sweet boy while I wasn't there too and that makes me feel even better! We just got Ruger back yesterday and he's my sweet crazy boy wagging his tail all over the place again! That is exactly why I will use his service again for another dog in the future!

 by Jesse Williams
Obedience Training

We took Bell, our 8 month old crazy Black Mouth Cur, to Caleb. She was very wild and out of control. Caleb was able to work with her and teach her on leash obedience so that we were able to manage Bell. After spending a month at Caleb's kennels, Bell is doing much better. We are now able to take her around other people with out her jumping all over them and chewing at their ankles. Would definitely recommend!

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